John Page

Conductor - Educator

"He has a magnetic, charismatic personality and a probing musical mind. I am deeply impressed with this man's dedication, range, speed, facility and natural flair. He can conduct anything at a moment's notice and is equally comfortable with voices and instruments....Most of all, I love John's passion for music and his insatiable appetite for learning"


Benjamin Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

"The orchestras have thrived under his leadership ... and the young musicians have had nothing but praise for his efficacy in rehearsal"


Joseph Silverstein, former Concertmaster, Boston Symphony Orchestra and former Principal Conductor, New England Conservatory

"John shows himself a well-prepared, talented and generous colleague, and an inspiration to the singers. ...I think that John may well have that special--and rare--gift that makes a good conductor"

James Conway, General Director of English Touring Opera

"He is an extremely well educated and intelligent musician. John has a profound and analytic knowledge of music. His technique is outstanding and his temperament makes him a true conductor"

Gerhard Markson, Principal Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland

"He is a well prepared, thorough musician with a confident and professional podium manner.  The students enjoy working with him and the feedback from all quarters has been more than enthusiastic"

Don Palma, Former Director of NEC Orchestras; Founding member of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra 

"The Emperor of Atlantis, admirably kept together by the conductor John Page ... was done with dignity and gentleness"

The Times

"There is a danger that a score born of this background can lose its force for a later generation. The fact it didn't on this occasion owes much to the conducting of John Page...Page traced a path through Ullmann's score that forged connection rather than disjunction"

The Independent Review

"An exact musician who knows what he wants to achieve.... It was unusual to hear Copland's Hoe Down  and Bernstein's Candide Overture done in such a precise way. Bernstein's compositional panache encourages a feeling-driven approach which, all too often, is messy with detail. Page saw this music differently -- packed with an energy which comes as much from its technical flair as from its fetching ideas "

Irish Times